Check for Authenticity

1 step


Please enter Authentication Codes found on the security hologram stickers.

Warning: Please only enter the code found on the product package. Do not enter any other information.

Warning: If the product you are checking fails the authentication process, DO NOT use it under any circumstances, as it could cause sickness or infections. No amount of money is worth risking your health. In the event of not being able to authenticate your product, contact your reseller and request a full refund.


  • 1. A product checked and authenticated more than once with the same authentication codes will not be unique, and our system will warn you as such.
  • 2. The cap on vials must have an embedded logo on them.
  • 3. Our products contain Authenticity codes with improved security non-transfer VOID technology to avoid scammers.
  • 4. Trying to complain that we're phishing is wrong, and some .com sites aren't always trustworthy. Please check and find evidence to support such claims.

Dear valued customers

We have experienced several DOS attacks on our website over the last few weeks and found websites impersonating our brand by obtaining sensitive data through Phishing. To avoid data being leaked, we urge existing customers currently owning our products to check the authenticity and genuineness of such products through this page only.

We are re-branding and re-launching better-developed products, which will soon be available on our newly designed and re-branded website.

We thank you again for your continuous support and trust in us and our products.